Claw Sizes

Our Colossal Stone Crab claws are absolutely huge! Our Stone Crabs Are Caught daily, these claws are best as an entrée and perfect if you have a BIG appetite. With only 1-2 claws per pound, wow yourself and your guests with these most premium stone crab claws!

Everyone’s favorite, ocean fresh jumbo Stone Crab claws are perfect as a mouth-watering entrée! Our Stone Crabs Are Caught daily and shipped within 24 hrs! You can’t get them any fresher.

Our mouth-watering large Florida Stone Crab claws are caught daily and shipped to our clients every day. This versatile claw makes for an excellent entrée or appetizer. Large ocean fresh claws are a hit at a party or perfect when you want to enjoy some claws at home.

They say the smaller the claw the sweeter the bite. Our extra sweet medium Florida Stone Crab claws are caught daily and shipped to our clients every day. Larger than most medium’s they are great for appetizers or a personal feast!


7.1oz – 9.0oz
1 – 2 claws per lb.


5.1oz – 7.0oz
2 – 3 claws per lb.


3.1oz – 5.0oz
4 – 5 claws per lb.


2.5oz – 3.0oz
6 – 7 claws per lb.

You've got questions? We've got answers.

We recommend eating the stone crab claws within 1-2 days for the best quality, taste and experience. Please note: our Stone Crabs are cooked and ready to be enjoyed.

The average weight differs for colossal, jumbo, large, and medium. Since each order is based on weight, the number of claws per pound vary. We try our best to fill all orders accordingly.

  • Colossal: 7.1oz – 9.0oz (1 – 2 claws per lb.)

  • Jumbo: 5.1oz – 7.0oz (2 – 3 claws per lb.)

  •  Large: 3.1oz – 5.0oz (4 – 5 claws per lb.)

  • Medium: 2.5oz – 3.0oz (6 – 7 claws per lb.)

Coming our Stone Crabs from Gulf of México we can supply Fresh Stone Crabs all year!

Yes. In fact, stone crab claws are cooked in our production facility the same day as they are caught. They are boiled for about eight minutes and then dipped in cold water and ice to stop the cooking process. All you have to do is crack and dip them in our delicious homemade mustard sauce.

Stone Crab (Menippe Mercenaria)
Menippe-Greek, means force or courage
Mercinaria-Latin, something of value.

Yes, but you have to eat a lot to get full. We recommend medium claws as an appetizer.

We understand you may may have more questions. We’re here to help. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.