The ABBIA Group

We are a US company conveniently located in the Mexican state of Yucatán, located on the Gulf of Mexico. Our corporative offices and distribution center are based in San Antonio, Texas.

Abbia’s mission is to provide the highest quality and selection of seafood products at a fair and reasonable price while recognizing the importance of conservation and maintenance of a healthy environment.

Since 2001
Abbia Group Premium Seafood has built a reputation as a global leader in the seafood industry.
Committed to Excellence

Our world-class stone crab production comes form our our boats that in turn enable us to pick the best quality for our clients.

100% Sustianable
We make sure that when removing the claws, we take care during the removal of the pliers and their time on the boat.
Highest Quality
We provide the finest fresh and frozen responsibly harvested seafood from around the world.
A long history of honest dealings with our customers with a reputation for always doing the right thing.
Personal Service
Our ethical marketing and customer service work closely with our customers to offer the highest level of quality, service and value.
Diverse Offerings
Abbia, offers a diverse line of crabs, octopus maya, lobster, whole fish, and more.

We’re talking real stone crab – not an offshoot, but real, honest stone crab.

Brian Wubbena, Director of Culinary
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